Global Repair Group


When Your Assistive Device

Is Damaged, We Save the Day

Global Repair Group provides repairs to airline passengers for wheelchairs, scooters, power chairs, and all other assistive devices. 

A Single Point of Contact

As the single point of contact, we take the stress out of the claims experience by coordinating communications between airlines, passengers, technicians, and suppliers.

Solutions When You Need Them

Wherever you are, our nationwide network of expert technicians and specialists are ready to respond to claims and repairs 24/7, even on weekends and holidays.

Complete Passenger Care

Our care for passengers is an extension of their airline experience, which is why we immediately accommodate their specific needs to make sure their claims process is as stress-free as possible.

  • Kudos to your team. We were so impressed with them. I sent a memo to the airline praising GRG for their understanding of the situation and the quick turn around. Global Repair Group was extremely informative and caring, I never had that type of service from anyone I’ve ever worked with.

    Jackie H.


  • From start to finish, I had amazing customer service. GRG was wonderful to work with. Thank you for making this such a smooth process and for taking care of my mobility scooter. You guys are wonderful!

    Jacqueline M.


  • Since your company came around I have been happy to travel. It’s such a smooth process and doesn't make me do all the work. My claim rep took the time to really understand what was going on and get everything done the right way. I honestly don't have enough great things to say about your company. I am happy you guys are around.

    John D.